Live temperature sensor now on website!

August 6, 2014 in Announcements by Samer Bechara

I am happy to announce that we have now added a live temperature sensor, which takes the temperature from a digital thermometer we installed in the village, and sends it to the website.

The temperature sensor is placed in a shady place, far from sun and from wind. If you see any problems with the temperature, or want to see any improvements, let us know!

Coming next: Live camera from village that sends a photo every hour or so to the website, stay tuned!

Some updates about our projects

December 7, 2013 in News by Samer Bechara

Since I have received the funds, I started working on our projects during the weekend. Here is what I have done so far:

Regarding broadcasting the Christmas Mass online, I have conducted some tests and it turned out that I have no proper 3G reception inside the church. Therefore, I ordered some stuff online to increase the reception, and I am hoping they arrive before christmas. If they don’t we’ll have to resort to Plan B for Christmas, which is to record and upload the next day. Subsequent broadcasts will be live for sure.

I have also started researching a few ways to display the temperature and a live image on the website, I will let you know once we have things ready.

Any questions, just comment below!

Funding campaign is over, and the results are great!

November 19, 2013 in Announcements by Samer Bechara

Hey all,

I just wanted to let you know that our funding campaign in now over. We received $1250 on our Indiegogo Campaign, and $1450 in offline donations. That makes it a total of $2700. I have added those to our list of donations, and will keep it updates as we receive more donations.

The community in Australia has been particularly enthusiastic about this first phase, so a special thank you goes to them. In case you haven’t seen it, here is the list of projects we will be working on, expect some updates soon.

  • Buy a account ($160 per year): This account will be used to buy a subscription to grow the family tree on our website. I’ve already paid from my own money for the first year, but I need funding to renew the subscription. We now have 250 850 people in our tree and are still growing it.
  • Live streaming of Mar Elias, Christmas and Easter mass: $1,000 ($500 laptop, $300 camera, $200 3G per year) : You will be able to watch these events live on the website, and watch a recorded version in case you’re not available at that time
  • Live temperature from village: ($200 ) : You will be able to see on the website the temperature right now on in the village.
  • Live pictures from village: ($100): I will setup a webcam which takes a picture and posts it to the website every minute.
  • Ardrone 2.0: (Includes shipping and customs ($500) ) : This is a toy helicopter which contains an HD camera. I will be able to record videos of the village from an aerial view. It’s just like having our own helicopter that we take photos from!
  • Automatically update family tree on website ($300 for programmer to implement): Currently every time changes are made to the family tree, we need to manually add them to the website. I want to make this process automatic.

Here is where additional funding will go

    • I will create a section about important figures in the village
    • I will create a section about OLD funny stories. I don’t want to see those memories die, and neither anyone I suspect
    • I will find all the old videos of the village, and add them to the website as well. Some people have videos back from the 1980s and 1990s. That’s 20 and 30 years old.
    • Print a huge family chart of the whole village , and display it in a public place at our village.

Website is back, better than ever!

September 14, 2013 in Announcements by Samer Bechara

Samer BecharaHello,

This is Samer Bechara. Most of you know me since I started this website since 2004, but had to stop maintaining it in 2007, due to lack of time and my inability to keep up with the website on my own.

Now, with the technology advancement, I am looking forward to seeing this website flourish again. I hope we could collaborate all of us on this project. We have some exciting things going on, like a Google map of the village, A collaborative family tree and collaborative photo albums.

I hope we could work on this all together and make it a community project! Check the Help Us page, or the contact form for more details.


Arbet Kozhaya Village Information

October 25, 2005 in News by Samer Bechara

Arbet EntranceArbet Kozhaya is one of the fifty-six towns and villages, which make up Zgharta Zawie, North of Lebanon.

The village name is spelt as either Arbet Kozhaya or Arbet Qozhaya, depending on way the Arabic name is translated. For this article we will keep to former spelling.

The name of the village is called after the Monastery of Kozhaya, also known as the Monastery of St Anthony the Great (Mar Antonios al-Kabir). The monastery is some 950 metres above sea level in the Valley of Kozhaya. The word “Arbet” (Aarbet) means inclined, since the village is on an inclined plane overlooking Kozhaya.

The name “Kozhaya” is Syriac in origin and which means “the treasure of life”, with “treasure” representing Christ, who the monks of the Monastery abandon worldly goods for and follow a life dedicated to prayer and spirituality; and “ life “referring to the abundance of water endowing nature with life in the valley.

The Kozhaya Valley and the nearby Qannoubine Valley are part of the Qadisha Valley, known also as the Holy Valley

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